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Autumn Cleaning and New Structure.


Going through my two blogs I haven’t touched in ages and realized just a couple things. It’s been a good minute since I’ve written good blogs. I looked into my past blogs, those on wordpress and blogspot, and I realized the content of my blogs has became really stale. Wording is terrible, topics…

Consistently fueling my work. Definitely one of the driving forces behind all my hard work as of late. dem Blue Scholars be doin’ it again. got damn!


New addition to the Triathlon playlist. Pulled from a video montage of D. Rose that I’ll be posting also.

Music like this gets me motivated.

more progress today and some mock up photos.

Just a couple pics of my spontaneous project today.

getting ready to tackle my first ASE test.

—-> First up is my brakes ASE. Hopefully this will lead the way for the next 7 to my ASE Master Certification.

Makin’ moves this summer.

I have mad respect for these guys. Modest and open minded.


Kid: “Bro, I’m not even kidding. I’m pretty awesome at drifting.”


What he thinks he does:



I actually LOL’d. haha.