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Fathers’ Day, Commencement cerenies, and my epiphany.

It seems as if I like disappearing off the face of the planet then coming back with a “recap” or “ketchup” post. This is one of those. Today  was a very eventful day. Lots of Fathers’ Day celebration and for one of my best friends it was his commencement ceremony receiving a bachelors in business. Super proud of him. But what I’d like to rant about is this epiphany I had during his commencement ceremony.

It wasn’t like a divine epiphany. It was just about my future and what I want. For once in my life, I can actually say that I’ve got all the tools I need to make things happen. For whatever  reason, God has been good to me, guiding me and providing me with what I need. I still don’t feel like I deserve any of it. So I’m gonna use these gifts to build on my dreams and accomplish what I have for so long wanted to do.

I’m very well equipped. I see it. And I’m crazy excited about what lies ahead.  A few things are gonna take the back seat but I know it’s for the best. I’ve been blessed with great friends, beautiful nieces and nephews, a good reliable vehicle, and a new and exciting job doing what I love.

In the next 10 years, I am going to do something great. So great that I will change the world. It may sound king of cheesy, but the fire inside of my has been flickering through all the tough times in the past few years. Today, I saw it. I saw the vision I had years ago when I decided the sticking to what I love is the way to go and not getting into a career because my parents wanted me to, or because the money is good. It’s a slow and steady climb, but I feel like I am going to be coming up fast sometime in the near future. I’m excited, scared, happy, sad, hopeful, thankful, and a whole lot more.

I’m a little bit cocky when I accomplish things, but I’m telling you… This next one… I can feel it. It’s gonna be something that will inspire underdogs to come after.

Things feel like they’re falling into place and I’m loving it. I can’t wait. Thank you Lord.

who the f*ck are you again?

Whoa… how long has it been? It seemed that someone had infiltrated my dusty tumblr. Kinda been busy with work, school, and hobbies. Got a bunch of photos from a new project that I can’t wait to reveal!

Consistently fueling my work. Definitely one of the driving forces behind all my hard work as of late. dem Blue Scholars be doin’ it again. got damn!


New addition to the Triathlon playlist. Pulled from a video montage of D. Rose that I’ll be posting also.

Music like this gets me motivated.

more progress today and some mock up photos.

Just a couple pics of my spontaneous project today.

getting ready to tackle my first ASE test.

—-> First up is my brakes ASE. Hopefully this will lead the way for the next 7 to my ASE Master Certification.


Tinman Triathlon w/ the RCC Auto Dept. 11th in my division, not first, but better than I expected. =)

Makin’ moves this summer.

I have mad respect for these guys. Modest and open minded.